Redbox movie IMDb review
Title IMDb rating Content rating Find
Avengers: Infinity War 8.4 PG-13
The Father 8.3 PG-13
Action Adventure
Minari 7.5 PG-13
Tenet 7.4 PG-13
Action Adventure
I Am Legend 7.2 PG-13
Action Adventure Drama Horror Sci-Fi & Fantasy Thriller & Suspense Mystery Sci-Fi Thriller
The Courier (2021) 7.1 PG-13
Thriller & Suspense Drama
Love and Monsters 7.0 PG-13
Action Romance Comedy
News of the World 6.8 PG-13
Drama Action Adventure Western
Land 6.6 PG-13
Godzilla vs. Kong 6.4 PG-13
Action Adventure Special Interest Sci-Fi & Fantasy Sci-Fi
Greenland 6.4 PG-13
Action Thriller & Suspense
Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar 6.4 PG-13
The Paper Tigers 6.3 PG-13
All My Life 6.3 PG-13
Family Kids Comedy
The Broken Hearts Gallery 6.3 PG-13
Romance Comedy
Daddy's Home 6.2 PG-13
Half Brothers 6.1 PG-13
Comedy Drama
Honest Thief 6.0 PG-13
Action Thriller & Suspense
Fear Of Rain 5.9 PG-13
Thriller & Suspense
Come Play 5.7 PG-13
Horror Drama
Chaos Walking 5.7 PG-13
Action Sci-Fi & Fantasy
The Marksman 5.6 PG-13
Action Drama Thriller & Suspense
Life of the Party 5.6 PG-13
Drama Comedy
Wild Mountain Thyme 5.6 PG-13
Drama Romance Comedy
Voyagers 5.4 PG-13
Sci-Fi & Fantasy Action Thriller & Suspense
Wonder Woman 1984 5.4 PG-13
Family Action Adventure Comedy Animated
Monster Hunter (2020) 5.3 PG-13
Action Sci-Fi & Fantasy Drama
The New Mutants 5.3 PG-13
Action Adventure
The Unholy 5.0 PG-13
Horror Thriller & Suspense
Vanguard 4.7 PG-13
Action Adventure
Iron Mask 4.7 PG-13
Action Adventure Family
Songbird 4.7 PG-13
Thriller & Suspense Action Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Horizon Line 4.7 PG-13
Family Kids Comedy
Ip Man: Kung Fu Master 4.6 PG-13
Family Kids Comedy
Blumhouse's The Craft: Legacy 4.4 PG-13
Thriller & Suspense