Netflix Spanish-Language Movies IMDb review
Title IMDb rating Content rating Trailer
You've Got This 5.8
Romantic Comedies Comedies
Ready to Mingle 5.9
Comedies Romantic Films
Crazy About Her 6.6
International Films New Releases
Sí, Mi Amor 4.1
How to Get Over a Breakup 6.2
Women Behind The Camera
Lo más sencillo es complicarlo todo 3.8
Teen Comedies Comedies
Despite Everything 5.4
Emotional Films Feel-Good Movies
Spanish Affair 2 5.4
Comedies Romantic Films
Loving is Losing 5.1
I love you, stupid 5.8
Our Lovers 6.7
Romantic Comedies Dramas
Santo Cachón 4.6
So My Grandma’s a Lesbian! 4.2
International Films Lgbtq Movies
Mujeres arriba 3.8
The Laws of Thermodynamics 6.1
Emotional Films
We Need to Talk 5.8
Lorena, Light-Footed Woman 7.0
Sports Documentaries Biographical Documentaries
A Life of Speed: The Juan Manuel Fangio Story 6.8
Sports Documentaries Historical Documentaries
El Pepe, a Supreme Life 7.1
Emotional Films Documentaries
Heroes: Silence and Rock & Roll 7.5
New Releases
The Old Thieves: The Legend of Artegios 8.1
Crime Films International Films
Parchís: the Documentary 6.7
Emotional Films International Films
Dying to Tell 6.8
International Films
Nasha Natasha 6.5
Emotional Films International Films
Guillermo Vilas: Settling the Score 7.2
Sports Documentaries Biographical Documentaries
Zoé: Panoramas 6.8
International Films Netflix & Groove
Alexis Viera: A Story of Surviving 7.1
Biographical Documentaries Emotional Films
El límite infinito 8.2
Biographical Documentaries Exciting Films
Guatemala: Heart of the Mayan World 6.6
Social & Cultural Documentaries Emotional Films
Perú: Tesoro escondido 6.1
Birders 6.4
Science & Nature Documentaries Documentaries
Patria 8.2
Biographical Documentaries Historical Documentaries
I'm Leaving Now 6.8
Art House Films Latin American Movies
A Tale of Two Kitchens 6.3
Armed to the Teeth 8.0
Emotional Films Crime Films
Todo sobre el asado 6.6
Ayotzinapa, el paso de la tortuga 7.5
A 3 Minute Hug 6.5
Emotional Films
Beauties of the Night 7.3
The Silence of Others 8.0
Emotional Films Award-Winning Films
Mexicanos de Bronce 6.5
Gritty Films
After the Raid 4.3
Emotional Films
Eve's Apple 6.9
What the F* Is Going On? 6.3
The Legacy of the Bones 6.3
Suspense Films Psychological Thrillers
Offering to the Storm 6.2
Suspense Films Psychological Thrillers
The Occupant 6.4
Suspense Films Psychological Thrillers
The Warning 5.9
Suspense Films Psychological Thrillers
Time Share 6.0
Critically-Acclaimed Films Psychological Thrillers
The Silence of the Marsh 4.9
Psychological Thrillers Crime Films
The Fury of a Patient Man 6.8
Suspense Films Critically-Acclaimed Films
A Sort of Family 6.3
Suspense Films Dramas
Unbridled 5.0
Suspense Films Thrillers